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Photo Privacy Policy

Sensitivity to privacy is always a concern for us at Buddings.

We update our privacy policies as often as necessary, to make sure information, whether medical, financial, personal, or confidential, your information is kept as securely as possible, and that we meet government regulations, including CASLPCI Compliance, and PIPA. And more. Phew.

If you have questions about our privacy policies, you can contact our Privacy Officer/Administrator/Owner/me, Talia Erickson, at talia@buddings.ca, by phone at either centre, Broadway at 604-569-3951, Storybook at 604-559-8494, or directly at 778-847-4992.

But this post is also about our Instagram Account

Images, and in particular, pictures of children, are another hot area for concerns to do with privacy, but unlike SPAM, Credit Cards, and Contact information, the laws do not give explicit rules for what constitutes children’s privacy.

In fact, it leaves it to the parents to protect their children’s rights to privacy – on the internet and in real life.

Therefore, at Buddings, we find it imperative that you understand our photo policies, so that you can choose whether or not you wish photos of your child to be taken.

As you may have noticed on this blog, and throughout the pages of our website…

We love photos!

Nothing shows off our program and activities better than a good, clear, non-identifiable* snapshot of the adventures. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, and on Instagram, we can share those stories, in a snap!

Question: What does “non-identifiable” mean?

Our photos focus on the activities and the scenes in which children are engaged so, for context, there are often children in the photos. We’re a daycare, afterall!

They are not the focus. Their faces are obscured at least 50%, cropped out, blurry, or missing completely – for example, a picture of the children’s hands, reaching into a bowl of materials.

The goal is always to share the positive moments that we get to share with the kids, and we are sensitive to ensure that all the children, if any, are shown in the absolute best possible light.

Even with this standard, as their parents, you will likely recognize their bodies, clothing, and shapes.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about a photo on our blog of social media, please let us know. We will immediately remove it. No questions asked. In fact, we asked for your consent before you ever set foot in the door, remember?

In fact, the move to join Instagram is in response to the appreciation we get from families when we share these moments.

To find out more… find us on Instagram!

We love to show what we can do, and potty training is one thing we do very well.

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