BKC Winter 2019

Sharing is the important element of healthy life!

Enhance children's Social and Emotional development!


This is what I've been focusing on my Big Kids Club.

Sharing food, sharing items, Sharing spaces, and...Sharing the moment!

Why sharing??

It is because I believe “Sharing” is one of the important elements to have healthy life.

We often hear “Sharing is Caring” in education field.

I strongly agree with it.  By learning sharing, children can have natural tendency of caring about others and even reflecting how they treat others.


Taking turn for beating eggs!

Sharing a piece of Raisin with a little friend!

Share the laughter!

Learn about Nutrition!

As I mentioned in the past blog,  our buddies have the opportunities to learn about some nutrition and have exercise time!

Those two are the great element for healthy life!

"If you eat carrots, you can see things well!"

"If you eat carrots, poo comes out!"

It surprised me when our three years old buddies told me that in the end of class!

During cooking,I told them what each ingredient helps our body healthy. Honestly I didn't really expect they would remember what I've told but they appeared to remember what I said in the end. One of our buddies looked proud of himself telling some benefit of eating Carrot to his mom.


Not only just jumping and running, there are various ways for us to stay our body healthy.

The picture shows that our buddy trying to walk on hands by having a teacher hold his legs.

This helps his arm muscle stronger. For some little children it seemed a bit harder to complete but I was amazed that three year-old boys were very good at doing it!  See? There are full of potential in our young buddies!

I will introduce more different kinds of exercise through out my class this season!

What comes next? Stay tuned!