Buddings Presents: Summer Transitions 2020

Change is... happening!

Summer 2020 is a season of transitions - in centres, online, for the teachers, and for the whole world! As we recover from the shock of the global pandemic and lockdown, we tentatively creep back to work and daycare (or not!).

At Buddings, we're embracing the shake up and going with the flow. This season, we're rolling out a new virtual preschool program, and rolling back from our physical location at Oak and Broadway on June 26.

From July 6 onward, flexible educational daycare moves to our Storybook Centre, at Knight and Kingsway.

Some things stay the same!

Every season, our teachers present a specially-structured educational program, to fit the social context. Even when that context is about distancing!

With visual cues, and new routines, the kids at daycare are washing hands and keeping safe, and the kids online are interacting, learning, and participating - virtually!

Through sharing and team work, children practice the rhythms and routines they'll need in kindergarten:

  • Physical activity
  • Cleaning up
  • Sitting for circle time
  • Story time among peers and teachers
  • Music and songs
  • Art projects
  • Science experiments
  • Sharing and reflecting
  • .... and much more!

Daycare is available Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm at Broadway until June 26, and at Storybook from July 6 on. Online, we run Tuesday - Friday, at 10am and 1pm. It's a "virtual preschool" when kids join in the morning, break for lunch, and return for the recap. Check out the classes below!

MONDAYS: Letters and Numbers

The daycare (and world!) is full of letters and numbers, and on Mondays, we're practicing writing, recognizing, spelling, counting, and sounding it out! 

June 8: Monday Speaks French

Our online program runs Tuesday - Friday, but once a month, our friends, mother-daughter team Mel and Monday, share their journeys teaching 4-year old Monday to speak French! This month, it's June 8 at 10am

TUESDAYS: Our Changing Bodies

Transitions: from naps to no-naps; from small to big; from few words to many; children's bodies, skills, and abilities are changing and developing as fast as we can track them. On Tuesdays, we're counting the steps, and measuring our progress! Daily! At daycare! 

TUESDAYS: Dance with Lisa, Codie, and Aïda!

Online, on Tuesday mornings, Lisa Sars presents a dance and movement class at 10am, and in the afternoons, our own Aïda Soldevila and Codie Shiels present World of Dance. Check their video here!

WEDNESDAYS: Act it out!

Big feelings abound in this season of transitions. Holding them in can make us feel heavy, and one way to let them all out, is by acting. Share expressions, present emotions, and talk about how the events of the day are making us feel, inside and out. Light! Camera! Action! On Wednesdays!


Our East-side neighbour Josh Crone, owner and instructor at Flow Martial Arts Studio, is on the Zoom on Wednesdays, at 10am and 1pm, with a two-part program about self-discipline and physical activity. Check out his teachers page here!


THURSDAYS: Societal Change

These are strange times we're living. Life-changing times. Societal changing... hopefully! As the world unravels and rolls back up after COVID-19, and we watch the human rights movement around the world, there is so much to explore and understand. It starts with love, respect, and appreciation for diversity, and on Thursdays we make time to reach out. Join us! 

THURSDAYS: Change in the Weather

With so much change on the horizon, Talia takes the opportunity to refine our predictive abilities in the world's most common topic: the weather! What do clouds signify? How can we use the signs in the present to know the future? Her class runs twice a day, with weather-related games and learning at 10am, and a weekly mystery at 1pm, where we can test our knowledge. 

Cloud detectives wanted! Thursdays at BKConline!

FRIDAYS: Nature in Summer

This class follows the buds into leaflets, and watches them unfurl! The insects are buzzing, and the summer blooms are ready to burst! We're so excited to share all the changes with the kids! And SOOO excited to return to our daily outings, when we get back to Storybook! See you there!

FRIDAYS: Yoga and Dance

On Fridays, Lisa returns to the screen with her kids Yoga class at 10am. Meditation and lions and bumble bees oh my!  This class sticks to the fun side of things, with lots of movement as we intersperse our journey with mindfulness practices and yoga poses.  Bring a journal and track your progress! Then, join the Buddings dancers at 1pm, for the continuing journeys in World of Dance.