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The Ladies of Buddings Daycare

This fall, I am privileged to spend my days in the company of a truly fantastic group of women.

If your child attends with us, I’m sure you’ll agree, the ladies of Buddings are as creative, kind, caring, and… patient, as any parent could hope for, when leaving their children at daycare. So I invite you to take one step further, and imagine how honoured, and grateful, and over the moon, I am that they come to work for me everyday at Buddings.

Sarah and Ehlssie are keeping accounts, and managing the floor, Kezia, Ayumi and Tomomi are seconds in command, and I can’t believe Anna and Aïda have been with us for almost a year! It seems more like… forever.

It’s really coming together…

Beginning Buddings was with the desire to meet a need that was being ignored: the need for flexibility, of course, but also a need for inclusivity, and a broadening of the definition of childcare to better describe modern families. (ICYMI: Occasional care is not recognized for funding, grants, subsidy, or benefits.)

For years, we’ve asked for your comments, raised questions, and reached out. And now…

It’s actually working!

In the last month, I’ve spoken to representatives from both the provincial government and childcare advocates about how flexible care can be incorporated, and expanded. I have no doubt that the quality of care our teachers provide is getting noticed.

Not just on social media, where the marketing team recently reached 500 followers on Instagram. And not just among parents, where our 43 reviewers on Facebook, and dozen-plus more on Google have ALL given us perfect scores. But among decision makers, and influencers, too.

Nothing has come of those meetings yet, but I’m thrilled to announce that the conversation has opened.

November marks our 8th year, and I feel closer to included than ever before. I hope you do, too.

And we all have the AMAZING Ladies of Buddings to thank.

Did you know…

  1. We have more teachers who’s names start with “A” than any other letter. Anna, Ayumi, and Aïda.
  2. They come from THOUSANDS of kms away: Slovakia is 8,550km from Vancouver. Peru is 8,000km. Japan is 7,560km.
  3. Sarah, Vicky, and Dana all missed our staff portrait (above). Talia is a photoshop whiz. 😉