BKC Fall 2019

Top 10 Best Books

The fall season is here, and with it the new BKC season, Autumn Top 10.

Buddings newest teacher, Johanna Robert, and I are co-presenting our Best Books program at Storybook, and I’m so excited to be back in the saddle. Especially when our topic is also my favourite hobby!

I have always loved reading, and some of our season selections are books that made impressions on me when I was a child. I can’t wait to share Leo the Lop by Stephen Cosgrove, with the preschoolers at Buddings! The book’s lesson, that “normal is whatever you are” helps me understand people, and has made me a more forgiving, generous person. Plus, the illustrations are adorable!

But what constitutes a “best book”? With such an open topic, we’ve decided to narrow it down to one question: What can we learn from books?

This season, we’ll be meeting famous authors and illustrators who changed and challenged the literary standards. We’ll examine the rhythms and rhymes that make kids books sing, and especially, we’ll travel to distant lands, through the vehicles of our imaginations.

The curiosity of preschoolers can be tempered by books, and when kids learn to read, the universe is available for them to discover. But that’s the future!

A preschool teacher’s job is to engage and inspire, and to nurture the seeds that will grow inside each child. At the end of each class, we’ll have learned something from the book, and we’ll be one step closer to a lifelong love affair. Hopefully…

Follow along to see how it goes, or join the adventures at Storybook, all through the fall.