Top 5 Allergen-Free Recipes at Buddings

Buddings snacks are a great opportunity to share food, try new ingredients, and have fun while cooking!

To make it as inclusive as possible, our kitchens have alternatives for everything! Different kinds of flour - rice and coconut flour, cornmeal, flax, and quinoa, as well as wheat, and gluten-free blends - to meet all the food health requirements and preferences. We have substitutes for dairy, and egg replacements are always available on our centre's kitchen shelves. 

We're NOT nut-free. Find our snack policies here.

Most importantly, we know dozens of recipes that are easy-peasy to play around with, and all the kids love! 🙂

Check out our top 5 below!

We love Muffins!

Muffins are delicious, fun to make, easy to eat (and pack!) and a good base recipe can take whatever you can throw at it! Or in it! Blueberries, bananas, jam, and even broccoli!

Click the image to link to our favourite starting point, from Simple Veganista, and let your imagination go wild!

Rice Crackers are a Specialty!

This snack is very easy to make and the children can make their own version!

The secret is in the options: Layers of jam, nut, seed, or soy spreads, piled with fruit and toppings! Kids can choose to add raisins, Cheerios, cucumber, or kiwi, to make it rock! 


Pancakes are more than snack, they are a tradition! This snack is beyond tasty and the children enjoy making it! So why not add some banana, choc chips or blueberries to make it even more yummy. And to make it not only gluten free but Vegan, replace that 1 egg with Bob's Red Mill egg replacer. 

Fruit and Yogurt

Fruit and Yogurt! But make it dairy-free! This is a healthy treat, that's cool in the heat, and another one that offers options!

We let each child decide their own choice of fruit, and give the option to mix coconut or oat-based yogurt in with the fruit or have it extra on the side. Some kids don't like their foods to touch... and that's A-OK! 🙂


Hummus & Vegetables

It's important for kids to maintain a healthy diet for their bodies to grow and develop. While muffins and treats have the sugars they need to keep running, veggies and legumes offer minerals and vitamins! On a hot day, what more can you ask for? We like to show all Buddings kids the wide range of snacks in the world and how it is good to experience different tastes and textures. 

With meals every two hours, there's always something coming out of the kitchen! Yum!

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