BKC Spring 2019

What is your future dream?

Wednesday Big Kids Club is about Jobs and Occupations!
When I was a kid, my future dreams were a daycare teacher because I loved my preschool teachers, a trainer of dolphins because I watched the movies of Free Willy, and a baker because I loved playing with play dough.

I’m pretty sure our childhood experiences affect our behaviour and personality in adulthood. That’s why this season, I would like to teach the occupations around us, and help our buddies to expand their interests.

So the first of my new class, we made a laptop. Glued a keyboard, and stamped the alphabets on it.
“Which one is G of my name?”
“I found Z!”

After we made it, they were pretending to type something with the laptop! Wow! Such hard workers!

I will provide like these activities to your child, and also teach them how people work and what people work for.

Then if we can be thankful for each other, the future world where the children will live would be more peaceful 🙂 

Bring your kid to have the dream experience with Ayumi on Wednesday at Broadway Buddings!