BKC Fall 2018

Yoga Under the Sunshine!

What a healthy day we've shared!

Thursday is "Exercising Day" at Broadway buddings!

On October 11th, our lovely eight buddies and teacher Cristi and went to Granville Island Water Park to do YOGA under the sun!

Bringing our own mats, snacks and a ball...We all are super excited on the way to the park.

"Look!  Duck!!"

One of our buddied exclaimed when we got Granville Island.

There were actually so many ducks floating on the pond , leaves falling down by the wind, people showing big smile ...This scenery made us more excited to get to the destination!

When we got to the  park, we saw the squirrel running on the grass  and  it appeared  to make our little buddies move out their body  even without Teachers' guidance!

By looking at buddies who are jumping on the mats with excitement,  I suggested "Let's be a Squirrel!" 

Starting off moving out our body  a bit actively,  we tried  being calm by  doing some YOGA pose.   I saw some friends  looked very relaxing laying down on the mat  with feeling sun.

It was quite nice opportunity for us to have time for calming down all together. It's fun to move out our body but...

we also need our body and mind  relaxed!

YOGA TIME in the nature turned to be a quite efficient activity for all of us.  



We all shared tasty healthy snacks under the beautiful sunshine and  ended up playing  in the playground!

Lots of activities we did and we all enjoyed every single moment together!

Doing lots of exercise, Calming our body and mind, Having  homemade muffins, Laughing out loud, and Feeling nature...

What a healthy day!!


Other Thursdays, we have learnt Alphabet with playing some games and made some crafts!

Thursday Big Kids Club offers...

Activities which enhance children's Gross-motor skill and Fine-motor skill!

Here are some examples! I update Instagram every Thursday so please check how we all share our time at Buddings!

What comes next? Stay tuned! 

Matching the letters!

Finding the letter game!

"Octopus" as letter "O" !