BKC Summer 2018

Bacteria Cafeteria on Saturdays!

Saturday's Big Kids Club is called Bacteria Cafeteria!

One day, we have tried to taste Kombucha and make homemade one. And also used Yogurt for our snack time. Today, I am going to introduce such a strong bacteria snack we made here at Buddings!

Teacher Ayumi introduced the Japanese traditional dish Natto (Fermented soybeans)! Do you know what it is? They are made out of fermented soybeans. It is very stinky and sticky. Therefore, not everyone likes it. However, it packs a huge protein punch as well as a dozen minerals and vitamins in just one small serving size. I love Natto, and eat almost every day. It is one of the common breakfast options in Japan, and served at hotels, hospitals, and schools as a school lunch. Even at daycares as well!

This time, I put it in Omelet for reducing the smell and texture. Our buddies enjoyed stirring Natto, Eggs, and mixing them. We made a pretty yummy omelet actually. Even though, when the kids tried it, they said


"What do you think? You like it?" I asked them.

"Ah...I don't like it."

Well, I understand that! That's no problem. My purpose of this snack activity is to try and enjoy new things! I guess you don't buy it by yourself, don't you? But what if you have a chance to try it just one bite for free, it would be a good opportunity to taste it! We had so much fun. So all good!;)

Come try new tastes at our cafeteria here at Buddings!

(Don't worry! No Natto anymore here!)