How It Works

How much it costs

The more you come, the cheaper it is!

Starting April 1, 2020, our new frequent member pricing rewards the families who come the most, with hours ranging from $14 – $24/hour. We have two monthly memberships that offer low-commitment options for occasional use, and reduced rates with regular attendance.

Occasional Membership: $20/mo. + $20 – $24/hour – recommended for up to 12 hours/mo.

1 – 5 hours = $24/hour

6 hours = $22/hour

12 hours = $20/hour

Regular Membership: $60/mo. + $14 – $18/hour – the more you come, the cheaper it is! With discounts for planning ahead 😉

1 – 10 hours = $18/hour

24 hours = $16/hour

30 hours = $15/hour

One week per month, from the 15th to the 22nd, our 40 hours package will be available for just $14/hour.

Q. 1 – Is this a price increase, or a price decrease?

It’s both! High frequency families will pay the same or less than our previous $15/hour flat rate, and families who attend occasionally can still enjoy no-commitment membership, to attend only as needed, with as little as one hour’s notice.

Q.2 – Why change it then?

While flat rates are more flexible, the new system rewards more regular attendance. Families who buy and book hours ahead of time, and appreciate our flexible, educational service, keep our lights on! We love you guys!

But short-notice, occasional drop-in and emergency care is our unique value! Convenience scheduling, and care ONLY when you need it is still a staple, but in the 8 years since we started doing it… prices have gone up.

Q.3 – Where does the money go?

Our staff retention is pretty solid, which means your children’s teachers are better than ever. They love coming to work at Buddings because we offer competitive salaries, semi-annual raises, and financial incentives for their efforts.

Raising our rates in 2020 (for the first time since 2011) is about appreciation for their work.

The new pricing will hit accounts everywhere on April 1, 2020.

Q.4 – Can we accept subsidies?

The news about daycare these days seems to be that money is pouring in, but as many of our families know, our license isn’t eligible. What they may not realize is that Buddings isn’t eligible for the wage enhancement funds that full-time centres can use to pay their staff, and we can’t access the New Spaces grant, which helps open more centres (even though we open 200 new spaces every time we get a centre running…).

For more than four years, we have been actively trying to engage with our local and provincial government, and we know you’ve been sending your thoughts as well. Thank you!

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In 2019, when the Ministry told us they couldn’t apply subsidy for Occasional Care because it wasn’t listed on the form, we offered an updated form, and were summarily rejected. Even though the representative at the Ministry of Children and Family Services sympathized with our frustration, she ordered us not to tamper with the forms. 🙁

We’re still not eligible, and in 2020 we continue to regret the inconvenience. If you have any ideas for how we could bring this forward, please contact Talia.