Big Kids Club

Every afternoon, our teachers present a structured educational program focused on teamwork, sustainability, and social skill development.

Big Kids Club runs Monday - Saturday from 1 - 4 pm, with field trips happening at least once a week. 

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BKC Presents: Spring Things 2020 

BKC Spring Things Field trips



Program Schedule

Introduction: The Clean-Up Song shakes our sillies out... and we get ready to learn!

Circle Time: Teachers introduce the day's topic and kids share their ideas with the group. Raise your hand, and practice taking turns.

Presentation: Engage children's interests with books and other educational tools. What did you think about that? Encouraging critical thinking.

Activities: Apply our learning through art, games, experiments, drama, fieldtrips, and even special guests! Working together to solve problems leads to socio-emotional development. 

Snack Time: Sharing a meal with our big kids enhances their social skills and gives them energy to play all day. Many of our programs incorporate food, cooking, and experiments.


Sharing and Reflecting: The best way to learn is to teach, so at the end of each class, the kids come together to discuss what they've taken from the day's activities. Teachers review and summarize the ideas and we test the big kids' understanding through questions and trivia games.

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